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We are owned by a 4-year-old West Highland White Terrier (also known as a Riley - Our 4 year old West Highland White Terrier"Westie" or "White Terror"). Riley is spunky, energetic, and all Scot! He is the handsomest dog I've ever seen - but don't let that innocent face fool you! He is mischievous, feisty, stubborn and most of the time suffers from selective listening. That being said, he's a lot of fun and a great "mouser". There are two words we can't say around our Westie - "Squirrelly" and "Mousey." Upon hearing one of those words he begins a frantic hunt for vermin begging me to join him by opening doors and cabinets. He can spend hours sniffing for "varmints!" Riley's childhood pack

My husband and I are often amazed at this little terrier's determination, strength and hardiness. We think he could join a pack of Westies in the Iditarod and do a fine job of pulling a sled. He's that strong!

We've found it necessary to keep up with basic obedience measures, continually reminding him that he's not the boss and that not all food should end up in his mouth (no matter how cute his requests). He really is the perfect dog. Now, if only we could cure that barking!

Click here to play the Westie Pupzle game starring our very own Westie and his siblings!

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