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Irish Airs & Dances by Anisa AngarolaIrish Airs & Dances

by Anisa Angarola

IRISH AIRS & DANCES Traditional Music of Ireland on Classical Guitar Anisa Angarola, Guitar with Thomas Axworthy, recorder; Tommy Hayes, bodhran, darbukka, bones, stick, shaker; Valarie King, flute, E-flat flute, piccolo; Joemy Wilson, hammered dulcimer Lively reels and jigs, poignant airs and stately dances highlight this unique classical/Celtic collection from one of the few women stars of the classical guitar world.

Traditional Airs for the Celtic Harp & FiddleTraditional Airs for the Celtic Harp & Fiddle

Traditional Airs for Celtic Harp and Fiddle, wonderfully elegant, soothing, beautiful. CD includes these titles: Scarborough Fair, Greensleeves, The Willow Tree, Mary Young And Fair, All Through The Night, Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, The Rising Of The Lark, The Foggy Dew, Gather Ye Rosebuds, Harp Of Gold, Plearaca Na Ruarcach, Na Connery's, An Goirtin Eornan, Carolan's Air, Rory O'More/The Donnybrook Boy, A'Raibh Tu Ag An G Carraig and much more.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 Shamrocks for Traditional Airs for the Celtic Harp & Fiddle Classic Combination of Elegant Harp & Traditional Fiddle
The group "Boys of the Isle" play elegantly beautiful harp music of favorites such as "Greensleeves", "Scarborough Fair", "All Through the Night", and "Drink to Me only with Thine Eyes" in a Celtic style -- reminding one of the best New Age music that exists. Only this is *not* New Age music at all but Celtic music that is gentle and refined. There are fifteen harp tunes, some of which are Irish classics, such as "Carolan's Nightcap", "Ode to Whiskey" and "The Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls". While the other tunes are unfamiliar, the playing technique of strumming the strings and alternately plucking them creates supernatural other-worldly sounds. The harp music evokes feelings of living in another century ... actually, more like another millenia. How sad that the harp, as an instrument, has lost favor ... This music truly soothes a restless spirit and quiets an overactive mind. Harp music relaxes the listener, touching body, mind, and spirit like no other instrument. This very ancient musical instrument has the ability (in the right hands) to transport the listener to higher dimensions of existence ... Listening to these musicians -- it is a flight worth experiencing!

The Celtic fiddle needs no introduction, the Boys of the Isle can play traditional tunes with the best of them. There are many fine tunes some of which are combined, so all total, one can hear 31 *different* Irish tunes played on the fiddle. The transition from one tune to the next is very smooth. Often there is the feeling "I know that muisc from somewhere ..." In truth, I well may have heard the tunes played by live bands, during Contra dancing. This is Old Style Country Dancing from North Carolina and Virginia which dates back to the mid 1700s - 1800s. It was brought to the new world by the Irish and English immigrants who settled in the hills and mountains of these states. It is infectious, contagious music that never goes out of style. Here lies the appeal of this CD -- it contains classical folk and traditional music which attracts a wide audience of people from many generations. It seems to be discovered as if new by each succeeding generation of musicians who wish to connect with their ancestors. Highly recommended CD.

Come Dance with Me In Ireland: Classic Irish Dance MusicCome Dance with Me In Ireland: Classic Irish Dance Music

This collection of 12 jigs, reels, and hornpipes draws from the vaults of Claddagh, Ireland's premier traditional music label. The performers are from the top ranks of the Irish tradition. There are a few recordings of bands like Skylark and the Reel Union, but the bulk of the tunes here are performed solo or in duets featuring fiddle, accordion, flute, and uilleann pipes. Although every track is a keeper, the playing of Gay McKeon on "The Ace and Deuce of Pipering" and the solo fiddle of Vincent Campbell on "Vincent Campbell's Mazurkas" stand out as highlights. If this music doesn't set your feet to tapping, check your pulse. --Michael Simmons

Jigs to the Moon by DordanJigs to the Moon

by Dordan

Dordán is a trio from Ireland that was formed to explore the common elements found in Irish and various forms of classical music. Harper Kathleen Loughnane, fiddler Dearbhaill Standún, and flautist Mary Bergin find the strongest bonds among the dance tunes. They skillfully weave medleys out of jigs, reels, and strathspreys, and re-create Continental styles in polkas and chaconnes. The selections include a few tunes from the Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan as well as sonatinas by the Czech composer Jan Ladislav Dussek and Beethoven. Dordán perform the dance tunes with a stateliness that might sound too formal to someone used to hearing them in the more raucous setting of a pub session. But they play these melodies with such intense feeling and attention to detail in tone that they more than make up for the lack of boisterousness. --Michael Simmons

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This CD inludes: My Cape Breton Home (Waltz), Mr. O'Connor (Air And Jig), Sonitina, The Farewell Air (Air), Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band/McGoldrick's/Teampall An Ghleanntain (Reels), The Princess Royal (Set Dance), Kitty Magee/Lady Wrixon (Jigs), Lady Dillon (Air And Jig), The Newcastle/An BhFaca Tu Mo Sheamaisin/The Windhofer (Polkas), The Calm Avonree (Air), Gottlieb Muffat (Ciacona), The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh/The Dogs Among The Bushes/The Merry Harriers (Reels), Farewell But Whenever (Air), Sonatina/The Lass O'Corrie Mill (Strathsprey)/The Boys Of Portaferry (Reel)

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