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Kilts have existed for centuries, but had not yet been invented in the times of the ancient Celts. Although the garment had several predecessors, many experts are of the opinion that the tailored kilt as we know it today made its first appearance as a Scottish military uniform in the 1790s.

These days, you'll find lots of non-military men sporting kilts, and not just at Renaissance Faires and Society for Creative Anachronism jousting tournaments. Kilts have become everyday wear, and men are giving them high marks for their comfort, ventilation, freedom, style and durability. What is more, women are warming up (if not spontaneously igniting) to the idea of men in kilts, which surely can't hurt their popularity any.

The whole topic of kilts and kiltwearing can be perplexing, and touches off a veritable torrent of questions. For starters, is there any evidence that the early Irish people wore kilts? What should I look for in choosing one? How do I put the bloody thing on, anyway? What in hell is a sporran? Does a kiltwearer actually feel naked if not equipped with the mysterious black dagger known as The Sgian Dubh? Finally, there's that perennial number-one question on kilts - what does an authentic old-country kiltsman wear underneath his tartan? Choose an article from the list below and learn the answers to your most pressing questions.

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan
Sgian Dubh
Tartan Driving Cap
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan
by Iain Zaczek & Charles Phillips
A comprehensive reference presenting the historical origins and Scottish clans behind more than 400 tartan patterns. Lavishly illustrated.
Scottish Highlander Sgian Dubh
Tuck one of these into your kilt stocking, and you're more than ready for whatever comes your way! A great gift for the collector!
Tartan Driving Cap
A men's classic driving cap cast in handsome tartan. The combination of a sleek fit and protection from the elements has made this practical design a favorite of gentlemen for centuries.


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