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Irish traditional cuisine is delicious and hearty. Explore books on Irish food and cooking using the links below.

Irish Cooking

Elegant Irish Cooking: Recipes from the World's Foremost Irish ChefsElegant Irish Cooking: Recipes from the World's Foremost Irish Chefs

by Noel C. Cullen; photos by Ron Manville

This is an assortment of 166 recipes from top chefs in Ireland. While the recipes celebrate Irish cuisine and culinary traditions, they range from the traditional to the more progressive. The recipes may be elegant, but even beginners can prepare them without fancy techniques or special knowledge. The book features beautiful color photography by Ron Manville.

McGuires Irish Pub CookbookMcGuire's Irish Pub Cookbook
by Jessie Tirsch
McGuire's Irish Pub is a friendly place, where the patrons indulge in fun and games--like kissing a moosehead when they miss a note in a sing-along! The place overflows with Irish hospitality and charm, just like any Irish pub--although it happens to be a 20,000-square-foot restaurant in Florida. Does such a place make real Irish food, and can it be recreated at home? Based on recipes for Soda Bread and smoky-tasting, bacon-studded Potato Soup, it is indeed possible. McGuire's also offers standard, non-Irish pub grub, like a Smoked Chicken Salad and Basil Shrimp on Fresh Noodles. There are also wilder fancies, including Chicken Timbales with Orange Tarragon Cream, which only ambitious home chefs are likely to tackle. McGuire's really excels at recipes that give a creative twist to traditional Irish fare. Witness the Bean Soup--thick with three kinds of melted cheese--and a dense black bean chili made with stout. (Alcohol appears often in this book's recipes, but what teetotaler hangs out at an Irish pub?)