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The Celtic Cross, a cross with arms of equal length encircled by a ring, is another Celtic symbol that possesses an array of possible meanings and interpretations. Some sources claim that this form of the cross predates Christianity, and is not an outgrowth of it. In Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, the earliest representations of this symbol, in the form of stone carvings, date from the seventh to ninth centuries.

Featured Celtic Cross Rings

14K Yellow Gold Celtic Cross Ring
14K Yellow Gold Celtic Cross Ring

Solid 14K Yellow Gold Celtic Cross Ring comes carefully prepared and placed in our jewelry gift box, personally sealed, placed in our signature gold-stamped miniature pure white shopping bag that is perfect for gift giving.

Ladies Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Ring by Elite Jewels Finte Jewelry
Ladies Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Ring

This Celtic cross ring is crafted of genuine sterling silver. The cross measures 13mm wide while the band is 2.5mm wide. The perfect blend of style and tradition.

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