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Celtic knotwork or Celtic interlace comprise one of the most enduring motifs in Celtic jewelry and art. The delicate twists and turns, consisting of complete loops with no beginning and no end, are ubiquitous throughout the culture.

There are several popular shapes to the knots, including spirals, circles and triangles. Spirals may denote the recurring cycles of life and rebirth, circles may symbolize eternity, and triangles and trefoils may represent the Holy Trinity or the earth, sea, and sky.

Featured Celtic Knot Pendants & Necklaces

Celtic Heart Pendant from Reflective Images Celtic Heart Pendant

What better way to express your affection than to give this Celtic Heart Pendant. This 18k gold over sterling knot speaks clearly to all. In the shape of a heart, it's the symbol of human love, with interconnecting lines suggesting the eternality of life and unity with others we feel in any true act of love. This beautiful pendant matches our Lyra Earrings which, though not an exact heart, is an excellent match.

Charm - 14kt Gold Solid Polished Diamond-cut Trinity Pendant from Quality Gold
Charm - 14kt Gold Solid Polished Diamond-cut Trinity Pendant

This beautiful Celtic Trinity Knot Charm Pendant is 14kt Gold Solid Polished Diamond-cut. Also available: 14kt White Gold Celtic Trinity Knot.

Nordic DOLPHIN TRISKILIAN Celtic Knot Pendant NecklaceNordic Dolphin Triskilian Celtic Knot Pendant Necklace

The Dolphins in this Dolphin Triskilian Pendant represent harmony and spirituality while the traditional Triskilian design shows the three realms of being. This piece of Celtic jewelry is crafted in lead-free pewter, silver, and Swarovski crystals. Pendant is 1-3/8" tall x 1-1/8" wide and comes with a 20" chain in a beautiful gift box including information on the meaning of this pendant.

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