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The ancient Celts, ancestors of the modern-day Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Breton peoples, have a rich history, and dominated much of what is now Europe from 1600 B.C. to 850 B.C. These nomadic tribespeople left an influential mark on the world, and are justly renowned for their achievements in the fields of music, mythology and folklore, poetry, literature, drama, the visual arts, Waterford Holiday Heirlooms Musical Snowy Cookie Jarweaponry, toolmaking, crafts, and jewelry. During the Iron and Bronze Ages, the Celts are said to have developed the iron plow, the rotary flour mill, and horseshoes; in medieval times, they displayed a more creative and artistic side, leaving behind the manuscript of painstakingly illuminated pages that make up the Book of Kells. Today, the tradition continues, with Irish writers, poets, and musicians considered among the most accomplished in all the world.

An Irish presents an eclectic collection of gifts that evoke the spirit of ancient and modern-day Ireland. On the product pages, you'll find elegant silver jewelry bearing centuries-old Celtic designs; CDs of traditional and contemporary Irish & Celtic music; Irish apparel items made from fine Irish linen and wool; books on Irish history and travel; and other special gifts that will bring you the feeling of Christmas in Ireland, no matter where you live.

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As you might expect, Irish Christmas traditions extend to the dining table, and food and drink play as big a part in holiday celebrations in Ireland as elsewhere in the world. On the topic of drink, December can get a bit chilly, so many partake of mulled wine or a hot Irish whiskey to warm their bones, especially after a frosty session of caroling. Although the Christmas traditions of individual Irish families can vary widely, here are some of the traditional dishes served in Ireland at Christmastime. Read more