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Test your IQ – Irish Quotient

To commemorate Irish-American Heritage Month, celebrated throughout March, we present the following quiz to test your knowledge in the following four subject areas: Irish History, Irish Arts and Letters, Irish Cuisine, and Irish Love and Courtship.

How much do you really know about Ireland, and how much do you only think you know? You’ll never find out by taking this test, certainly, but at least it will keep you occupied and distracted from more pressing matters for a few minutes. Good luck……pencils up……and begin!

Irish History

1. What method did St. Patrick use to drive the snakes out of Ireland?

A. He exhorted his countrymen to take up their shillelaghs and whack the pesky reptiles to bits.
B. Blowing a mesmerizing tune on his pennywhistle, St. Paddy got the snakes to follow him to the coast, where they plunged off a cliff to their deaths.
C. ‘Twas no trouble at’all, laddie. Snakes have never been native to Ireland.

2. The first Queen Elizabeth had very specific and passionate musical tastes. What musicians was she referring to when she ordered Lord Barrymore to "hang them, wherever found, and destroy their instruments"?

A. Harpers
B. Trombone players
C. Rappers

Irish Arts and Letters

3. What is the Book of Kells?

A. A directory of all available Catholic singles residing in Dublin.
B. A book of Biblical gospels lavishly embellished with colorful illustrations and gold leaf.
C. A genealogical record listing the names of all ship passengers departing Irish ports during the Potato Famine.

4. Who was the first Irishman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?

A. James Joyce
B. George Bernard Shaw
C. William Butler Yeats

Irish Cuisine

5. To make an authentic traditional Irish Christmas cake, how long must you leave the cake in the fridge before serving it?

A. 3 weeks
B. 6 hours
C. 2 days

6. Regarding Irish spiced beef, which set of preparation and storage instructions traditionally produces the best results?

A. Cook the brisket as soon as you are back from the butcher’s. Utilize your common sense. It can keep fresh in the fridge for several days, but certainly not weeks.
B. Keep it in the fridge for two days, spicing and marinating daily. Cook it on the sixth day. It will keep fresh up to two weeks.
C. Keep it in the fridge for nine days, spicing and marinating daily. Cook it on the twelfth day. It will keep fresh up to four weeks.

Irish Love and Courtship

7. When a kiltwearing man indicates to his date that he is "going regimental," it means:

A. He keeps a black dagger in his sock, should swift military action become necessary.
B. He is not wearing a single stitch underneath his kilt.
C. He ate something rancid earlier that day and has been back and forth to the loo ever since.

Celtic Green Agate Claddagh Ring8. By wearing her Claddagh ring (see photo) thusly—on her right hand, heart pointing out, crown facing inward—a fair Irish lass is indicating that:

A. She used to be a man.
B. She is happily married.
C. She is single and available for courting.



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